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Church Ministries & Leaders

Women of Wisdom

Sister Freddie Hawkins, President

Matron's Ministry

Sister Charlotte Chambers, President

Men’s Ministry

Brother David Benjamin, Chairman

Senior Usher Board

Sister Sheryl Thrower, President

Sister Dorothy Simon, Vice President

Youth Usher Board

Sis Michelle Guice, Director

Nurses Guild

Sister Pinky Lara, Charge Nurse

Christian Education Training

Sister Pinky Lara, Director

Sister Valerie Wise, Asst. Director

Pastor's Aide Support Group

SisterTracy Benjamin, President

Sister Easter Douglas-Washington, Vice President

Department of Music

Adult Voices, Mass Voices, Youth Voices, & Young Voices

Director, Brother Richard Cooper – Directress, Sister Celina Cole

Sister LaWandra Crummie,  President

Youth Department/Children’s Christian Training

Sister Charlotte Chambers - Instructor

Wedding Ministry

Administration Office (707) 643-2171

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