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Schedule of Services


It is our prayer that you be lead by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to share with the Tabernacle of David Missionary Baptist Church in praise and worship.

We are all members of one body and equally as important and needed to function to the

Glory of God. As baptized believers in Christ, we are all filled with His love.

Tabernacle of David has been under the pastoral leadership of myself, Reverend Robert L. McCray, for the past 44 years. The Spirit of the Lord spoke to me in September of 1978, and in obedience to Him Tabernacle was organized and began its Ministry.

We pray that the word will touch your heart and encourage you to visit as often as you are lead to and, that we will be blessed by God adding you to this Corporate Body.

God Bless You Continuously,

Rev. Robert L. McCray, Pastor

 (If you live in the El Sobrante Area....

you are welcome to stop by and fellowship Sunday Mornings at 10:30 am)

Peniel's Bible Study is at 6:30 pm on Wednesday Evenings


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